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ESDT series 10KVA single phase in three phase out online UPS

ESDT series 10KVA single phase in three phase out online UPS
  • Model NoDT10K
  • Size630*650*1130
  • Operating temperature-20~40℃



● The standard output isolated transformer
● Super overload ability:125% 10 minutes,150% 1minute
● DSP digital control technology,pure sine wave output
● Have the record function of 600 UPS running information
● The standard automatic bypass and manual bypass function
● LCD display ,make the operation at a glance
● Standard RS232 interface,remote alarm and fault query management capabilities
● One phase in three phase out,patented product
● No need additional control card,without centralized control,can be 8 UPS directly paralleled
● Optional configuration:USB ports,SNMP,dry contacts and RS485

● Superiorprotection(surge,short-circuit,over-voltage,undervoltages,overcharge,overload,over temperature,reverse connection protection etc.)



Model DT10K
Nominal capacity 10/8
Input voltage 220VAC±25%
Input frequency 50Hz/60Hz±10%
Charge current 6A~20A(adjustable)
Battery voltage 192VDC~220VDC
Output voltage 380VAC±1%
Output frequency Synchronized with utility in mains mode,50/60Hz±1% in battery mode
Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Total harmonic distortion Linear load<3%;non-linear load<5%
Crest factor 3:1
Inverter overload capability 125%,10min;150%,1min
Efficiency(load 100%) 95%
Protections Short-circuit,overload,over-voltage,undervoltage,low battery,over-temperature,fan fault
Operating temperature -20~40
Relative humidity 0%~90%
Running altitude(maximum) <1000(each additional 100 meters power fell 1% to maximum 5000 meters)
Cooling Forced ventilation
Noise 55DB(Distance 1m)
Size(W*D*H mm) 630*650*1130


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