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Single phase 40KW off-grid inverter

Single phase 40KW off-grid inverter
  • Model NoIND40K
  • Size650*800*1500(W*H*D mm)
  • Operating temperature-20~40℃



● DSP digital control technology

● Pure sine wave output
● Suitable for all kinds of loads, such as resistive, inductive and rectified loads and motors
● Short circuit, overload and low battery protection
● Intelligent long backup time up to 10hrs (based on battery bank and loads)
● Compatible with generators and matching of inverter and generator is settable
●  High reliability: adopt high-speed DSP control system, combine advanced SPWM technology and high-speed power MOS
● Operating mode selectable: DC input priority or AC input priority
● AC input with effective online synchronous stabilizing technology
●Auto Power-On/Off function; real-time monitoring, test and intelligent startup / shutdown by rs232 or usb interface communicating with pc; remote monitoring by optional SNMP networks 
● Advanced SPWM technology
● Charging current selectable according to configured battery

● Wide DC input range.



Model IND40K
Nominal capacity(KW) 40
DC voltage 384VDC
Input voltage 220VAC±25%
Input frequency 50Hz±10%,60Hz±10%
Output Frequency 50Hz±1%
Charge current 6A~20A(adjustable)
Output voltage 220VAC±1%
Overload capacity 125%,1min;150%,1 min
Noise ≤65DB(Distance 1m)
Output waveform Pure Sine Wave
Protections Input/output over high or low protecting;Low battery protecting;surge and peak currents protecting
Operating temperature 0~40
Storage temperature -15~50
Size 650*800*1500(W*H*D mm)
Operating height above sea level 0~3000meter


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