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12V Charge Controller 30A 40A 50A

12V Charge Controller 30A 40A 50A
  • Model No12V30A 12V40A 12V50A
  • SizeNo data
  • Operating temperature-20~50℃



1.Parallel negative control mode .

2.Simple structure , function stable and reliable .      

3.Connection reverse protection solar energy input , the night prevent anti charge , safe and reliable .

4.High efficiency PWM charge technology .

5.LED instruct , make running status at a glance .

6.Photovoltaic voltage overcharge protection .



Model 12V30A
Rated charging current(A) 30A
The number of batteries(pieces) 1
Rated DC voltage(V) 12
Overcharge protected voltage 15
Overcharge of recovered voltage(V) 13.7
Floating voltage(V) 13.7
Solar maximum input voltage(V) 30
Control mode PWM
Working temperature -20~50
Humidity 85%


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